A short live action thrill ride of a movie about young inventor Walter Wells struggling to create the spellbinding sport of surfing clouds behind old war birds. Shot entirely in stereo 3D in order to help delivery one of the clearest, most exhilarating motion picture experiences unattainable through post converted 2D imagery.

The Invention of Cloudsurfing was written to hopefully help inspire future generations of inventors, dreamers, and thrill seekers. A live action, stereo 3D short film introduction to young inventor dare devil, Walter Wells as he struggles to turn his grandfather's failed inventions into a stunning new sport.

This concept is very loosely based Kit Cloudkicker from Disney's TaleSpin. With the idea: What if surfing on clouds, behind a plane could actually be achieved? What would it take? (in the fictional story book narrative sense and not in the physical reality like this guy's awesome wing board, though his videos and research are helping inform decisions on this production)

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